Make getting your books in order a priority for 2013.

All businesses small and large need a good bookkeeper, either on your staff or an outside consultant.   If you have the staff they need to be trained properly on appropriate software and basic bookkeeping.   Or you need to find a consultant bookkeeper to properly record the financial activities of your business. Without good bookkeeping your accountant can't properly do their job. In fact, many accountants may not take on your business if your books aren’t in proper order and compiled by a reputable bookkeeper.

It is becoming common practice for bookkeepers and accountants to work together and they may even overlap in some of the services they offer.

You may wish to handle your own bookkeeping.  This can work (if you have the time) by using a BAS agent to review and check your books quarterly and an accountant to review and prepare tax annually, all working as a team for the benefit of your business.

Alternatively you need to use a qualified registered bookkeeper to accurately record and report the business's financial information, saving you, the business owner time and money and most importantly leaving you to focus on the job of running your business.

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